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May be already even every child knows about what APL is and also every self-respecting endurist is aware of he idea to travel around Lithuania perimeter as close to the state border arose to Enduro club president Linas Ramanauskas in 2004.   These days nobody drives 700-800km a day, but probably not because the men are weaker 🙂 but just  because it is attempted to expand this pleasure to the longer period of time. Unfortunately, this year I’ve made a mistake in planning my own agenda and because it was planned a half year ago, I’ve missed a date of APL and during when I was supposed to travel around Lithuania with a great company,  I was climbing with another great company to Mont Blanc summit.  So, I’ve promised myself not to step on the same rake next year and to participate in APL 2014 driving from a very beginning till the last day, not like this year – from the second day’s morning to the second day’s evening.  But according to the old old endurist’s saying – less is better than nothing – I’ve managed to run with camera around this year APL’s operator Edas and to film him and to also to make some incredibly nice photos. So, for your attention already definitely seen movie from the second day and Edas’ drives in “Varadero avenue” taken by me and also some photos from the second driving day.

apl_operatoriusLT 1

apl_operatoriusLT 2

apl_operatoriusLT 3

apl_operatoriusLT 4

apl_operatoriusLT 5

apl_operatoriusLT 6

apl_operatoriusLT 7

apl_operatoriusLT 8

apl_operatoriusLT 9

apl_operatoriusLT 10

apl_operatoriusLT 11

apl_operatoriusLT 12

apl_operatoriusLT 13

apl_operatoriusLT 14

apl_operatoriusLT 15

apl_operatoriusLT 16

apl_operatoriusLT 17

apl_operatoriusLT 18

apl_operatoriusLT 19

apl_operatoriusLT 20

apl_operatoriusLT 21

apl_operatoriusLT 22

apl_operatoriusLT 23

apl_operatoriusLT 24

apl_operatoriusLT 25

apl_operatoriusLT 26

apl_operatoriusLT 27

apl_operatoriusLT 28

apl_operatoriusLT 29

apl_operatoriusLT 30

apl_operatoriusLT 31

apl_operatoriusLT 32

apl_operatoriusLT 33

apl_operatoriusLT 34

apl_operatoriusLT 35

apl_operatoriusLT 36

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APL – tai kelionė „enduro“ stiliaus motociklais aplink Lietuvą jos perimetru. Daugiau informacijos ir nuotraukų http://keliones.operatorius.lt/aplink-lietuva-2012/

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