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Marocco is a country in the North West of Africa. The distance from Lithuania to Marocco is more than 4000km. But today you have a chance to be in Morocco just in one day together with your beloved steel steed.
Travel plan:
Leave on 2017.01.03 Vilnius-Malaga
Return on 2017.01.16 Malaga-Vilnius
The motorcycles are given for shipping in Vilnius, Talin or other DSV terminal 2-4 weeks before the trip starts in Malaga. Then, depending on the flight time – 1 night stay in Malaga or Tarifa and you‘re in Africa already !
And what‘s there?
Marocco is such a big country that it is not so easy to plan your vacation there. It is really not possbile to see everything in Marocco during one vacation, but it is always possible to chose the places you would like to see the most – cities, nature or local life. Trip plan depends on your main priorities.
Our travel priorities::
Moroccan cuisine is influenced by Morocco’s interactions and exchanges with other cultures and nations over the centuries. Moroccan cuisine is typically a mix of Algeria and Tunisiaand it is assigned to the Maghreb cuisine, which is a part of which is part of the Islamic cuisine. A number of traditional bread types are widespread in Marocco – round and so-called baguette, which has led to the popularity of the French occupation. As in the other countries of the Maghreb cuisine, couscous here is very popular – it’s big and bulky boiled wheat grains, mixed with nuts and dried fruits. There is one more option of couscous in Morocco – berkoukesh.
2. Tea:
The table etiquette of Moroccan kitchen is very similar to other Islamic countries. Sitting at the low tables are usually eaten by hands. Tea is always served at the end of a meal in accordance with the ritual. The pride of the Moroccan cuisine is mint tea. The ritual drink of mint tea in Morocco has grown into a very unique tea ceremony – Atai. This tea is boiled from mints and green tea and lots of sugar. I. Dorelaitienė explains: “After the ceremony begins, the tea is poured from a special teapot which is kept at a height of 0.5 meters in order to form a foam. To try the tea ceremony in Morocco it is simply necessary“.
3. Nature and a pinch of Moroccan authenticity:
Fes, Meknes, Dades Valley, Todra Gorge, the farthest south distant Roman city – Volubilis, Sahara Desert, Argan oil, Casablanca, sandy beaches, ocean, Berbers, gin and other wonders.

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Trip price:
The final amount doesn‘t exist. Count yourself.
1. As an advance fee and a confirmation of your decision you need to deposit 600 euros. Into this amount is included: your motorcycle Vilnius-Malaga-Vilnius transportation (the final price should be checked before the trip), a short travel video clips, a trip guide, advices before and during the journey.
Additonal expences:
2. Flight tickets Vilnius-Malaga-Vilnius ~200eur.
3. Ferry from Spain to Morocco and back ~100 eur.
4. Food ~ 20 eur/day.
5. Bed ~ 30 eur/night
6. Fuel ~200 eur.
7. Prizes, surprises, fairing, sightseeing, massage parlors on request.
Prices are indicative, but it is likely that the final amount for two weeks per person with a motorcycle should be about 1,800 euros plus 1,000 euros passenger (if any).
P.S. When driving a motorcycle from Lithuania to Morocco only the fuel costs would conclude about 800 euros. Road taxes of about 300 euros. Also for 6 accommodations around 300 euros. So you save about 500eurų and nearly a week of your vacation.
For travel details and booking please contact +370 657 66770 or aidas@bubinas.lt or www.facebook.com/aidas.bubinas/

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